Dr. Samantha Scott

Dr. Sam Scott knows a lot about designing for equity and resilience. Her medical device helps individuals get access to quality care and identify medical needs early. She is building from strength here in Baltimore, a place she affectionately calls a “brain hub.”

Dr. Scott  underscored how the UM BioPark is aligned with JuneBrain's requirements. Situated amidst fellow medical technology companies, the Biopark provides an optimal environment for collaboration and knowledge sharing. Its strategic location at the heart of Baltimore ensures access to resources, talent, and potential partnerships. UM BioPark's adaptability and supportiveness toward emerging ventures like JuneBrain make it a pivotal catalyst in propelling technological innovation within the healthcare landscape.

JuneBrain, under the guidance of Dr. Scott and her team, is pioneering a technological breakthrough that could democratize access to retinal scanning. Traditionally confined to eye clinics, retinal scanners have been pivotal in diagnosing eye conditions like glaucoma. However, Scott envisions a broader application for this technology, extending its reach beyond eye-related ailments.

Their innovation lies in developing a wearable retinal scanner akin to a VR headset, allowing for convenient usage in clinics, pharmacies, and potentially even homes. This transformative step could revolutionize healthcare by making early detection and monitoring of systemic diseases, such as Parkinson's disease and multiple sclerosis, more accessible and convenient.

The idea of using retinal scans to detect or track the progression of diseases beyond ocular conditions showcases the immense potential of this technology. By leveraging the unique features of the retina, which can reflect the onset or evolution of various health issues, JuneBrain's technology could offer a non-invasive, early warning system for a range of illnesses. Dr. Scott and JuneBrain's endeavor not only expand the scope of retinal scanning technology but also exemplify a shift towards more accessible and proactive healthcare solutions, promising a future where early detection of diseases is convenient, non-intrusive, and widely available.

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