Breaking Down the Big Box: Village at Mondawmin

Village at Mondawmin

Hear Kirk Hemphill, a Senior Project Manager from Whiting-Turner contracting company share more about the exciting development happening in Greater Mondawmin. This project showcases how we as a city can invest in people and places to meet the needs of each local community, while bringing development into an under-resourced area.

Whiting-Turner, faithfully commitment to the Baltimore region, is actively involved in the revitalization Mondawmin complex with an ambitious project at the former Target building. Transforming a once-standard big-box store into a multi-faceted space that prioritizes both retail and community-focused health and wellness services.

The project goes beyond mere development; it reflects a dedication to fostering a thriving, inclusive community. This strategic move not only meets the demand for retail options but also addresses critical health-related necessities of the area. By repurposing this space into one that caters to the desires and essential needs of the residents, they are creating a hub that promotes accessibility, convenience, and the overall betterment of Mondawmin and West Baltimore.

This transformative project exemplifies Whiting-Turner's vision for sustainable urban renewal, where economic growth intertwines with community welfare. It's a testament to their belief in creating spaces that not only serve commercial purposes but also enrich the social fabric of the neighborhoods they operate in.

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